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Ted Kennedy and Vfd[edit]

I believe so. I'm especially suspicious in this case--there's no way we would let an article like that by (would we?). Yours, [[User:Meelar|Meelar (talk)]] 00:58, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Now I feel bad for not going through the history myself. Owe you one, [[User:Meelar|Meelar (talk)]] 01:09, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)
I see that you restored this under the wrong date. Please move the debate to the proper date June 26. I am sure this was not intentional, but a simple oversite.



Thank you, Stormie, for your kind words to me in User_talk:A._Shetsen on what happened with the article. What you said is very appreciated.

--A. Shetsen 04:05, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Karl Wilhelm Naundorff[edit]

Appreciate the comment about Karl Wilhelm Naundorff. Unfortunately, Naundorf is so famous that he apparently eclipses all the more than 30 other dauphin pretenders :-) - Skysmith 10:26, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Svetlana Boguinskaya[edit]

Ouch! Edit conflict! Your stub is better than mine, though so. I'll add a proper biography tomorrow. --Zerbey 01:59, 2 Jul 2004 (UTC)


Ok that's cool, but can you remove the VFD for Wildwood School once the discussion has run its course (assuming it has enough votes for keep)? Thanks Eskrima 06:17, 6 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Andrew Zito[edit]

Yes, any articles with his name on them can be deleted on site as having gone through the VfD process. And any article which has his name in it can be reverted. RickK 19:14, Jul 6, 2004 (UTC)

VfD section doubling[edit]

Yup, two of my three completed edits got edit conflicts, more than once per edit in one & perhaps both cases. And one got some kind of data-base time-out msg. (Also, i started more than 3 edits, bcz in at least one case i gave up and started over rather than trying to use the ed-conf page to proceed. I wonder if there's a correlation between third tries w/o starting over; if so that would be a significant hint what the developers should be looking for.

(You seemed to think the nature of the edits might be significant, which i doubt. This group of 3 edits get done nightly, usually just after 0:00 UTC, occasionally within a few hours after, and rarely a few minutes before or long after. The "section move" associated with the doubling is just a heading addition; the harmless one is taking out a section and all its subsections. The other of tonite's doublers has no effect on sections, but changes a few characters each in 3 lines of "intro" section that comes before the first heading.)

Appreciate yr attention to the problem, which is not new but has alleviated some w/ the template scheme for VfD.

Lemme know if you think i can somehow help. --Jerzy(t) 02:30, 2004 Jul 7 (UTC)

Regarding Copyright for Michael MacLennan[edit]

Hi Stormie, wow I appreciate how quick you are to notice such things, especially after I just posted the article for Mr. MacLennan. When you have a moment could you see my response to your edit. Thank you! --User:MatthewRed

Thanks, David![edit]

Thank you for your kind words of welcome. Also, thank you for re-directing the pages. I got a bit confused once I put it up. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. On the page for MacLennan I keep getting a clean-up notice. When I go to the clean-up page to take action there is no information on what needs to be cleaned-up. Do you think it still might be about the copyright issue? I am totally digging this site. Great fun! MatthewRed 08:26, 9 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Thanks (from just across the Ditch) for the vote of "sysop" confidence. My WP time is rather like yours - lunch-break and after-hours-before-catching-the-train-home; but you seem to pack a lot more in! (My Wikipedia Maori work takes ages, which I hope is reflected in the quality there.) I'll watch your page with some interest. Robin Patterson 00:35, 29 Jul 2004 (UTC)


Hey David, I polished up the foremat to reflect the "Wiki" standard. It was a good exercise to understand the forematting of this site. Thanks for your help! MatthewRed 19:22, 9 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Question on Deleting Temp Pages[edit]

Hey Stormie, I hope all is well. How do I delete Michael Lewis MacLennan/Temp page? Thanks! MatthewRed 06:32, 10 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Alex Wright[edit]

Two minds with but a single thought. Uhoh, does that make us a hive mind? RickK 05:49, Jul 16, 2004 (UTC)

sandbox usage[edit]

I actually wasn't experimenting. While i did enter an opinion, i felt there is a distinct lack of one aspect of the word grace, namely the use as a common girl's name

X-Men & X-Men/Temp[edit]

Hey Stormie,

I was glad to see you pop up, editting the X-Men/Temp article. I was wondering if you had up and decided that the whole matter can go to hell (wouldn't have blamed you if you did). Anyway, I am going to do some editting to the article in the next few days. Hope to see your input.

- Nick

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship[edit]

Hi. I've nominated you for adminship. If you'd like to accept, please go to Wikipedia:Requests for adminship and let us know. RickK 21:10, Jul 28, 2004 (UTC)

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