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We probably need a disambiguation page - Australia's, the US, and Canada all run quite different government healthcare schemes under this name. We could also do with an article discussing, comparing and contrasting the various health systems of various countries. What would be an appropriate article title for such a piece? --Robert Merkel

You are right Robert - this page should be turned into a disambiguation page and any links to it should be fixed to point to the appropriate nation's medicare system. However, it would be interesting to eventually have an article here that goes into the different medicare and similar systems and how they compare and contrast. As for a general health care system compare and contrast article; how about simply a name of health care system? In that article it would be appropriate to have some comparisons. --maveric149

The Use of the word "scheme" to describe medicare seems a little biased to me.

My eye immediately flew there too. :\

Liberal Healthcare System[edit]

Why is there a separate link for Liberal healthcare System which simply re-directs to Healthcare system? --Grmagne 16:58:15, 2005-08-16 (UTC)

I removed the link. This is a disambiguation page, so I don't think the other links are necessary either. Edwardian 05:10, 19 August 2005 (UTC)
Editors may want to consider the information found at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (disambiguation pages) before editing this dab page. -- 18:19, 17 October 2007 (UTC)

Misleading information?[edit]

Whoops...posted this in the wrong place. Will repost in correct one